Growing up I felt like women in my country Venezuela had to look a certain way in order to be accepted in multiple places and ways. That we could not stand up for our original appearance, but change our look to the trend and if possible even get surgery to feel like we are "somebody". I come from a high school that was full of people, who always cared more about how you look than what it is inside of you, and this really speaks for me in my photographs and it's one of the main reasons I keep my photographs and artwork as natural as possible. To create an art piece, deconstructing images and putting them together makes my thoughts are alive and seen by everyone. To realize this world we are living in is not so much different than the one I lived many years ago. Through these series I am hoping to get showcased called “Who I am; Who I want to be” I deconstructed images and placed them in a way to demonstrate my feelings and my process when I used to wear hair extensions. It shows how painful it was to be blinded by other people who wanted me to be different, it also shows the transition from who I was to who I became.

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